Serving Residential, Commercial, and Municipal Clients!


Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

Stop worrying about the grass growing, leaves falling, weeds growing, and more with Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond, Virginia services! We aim to make your life easier so you can spend more time enjoying your property and less time working on it.


No matter how you cut it, Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond Virginia has you covered. We offer convenient weekly and biweekly options that include trimming and blowing hard surfaces off. Start taking your weekends off and let us handle the hard work of keeping your property maintained!!!

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Start the seasons right with a fresh clean look! Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond Virginia will come in and remove leaves and debris from lawns, flower beds, patios, parking lots, etc. so you have defined space for those wonderful family gatherings in the spring or a friendly family game of tag football in the fall. 

Leaf Removal

Salads should be leafy, not your yard. Wet leaves can smother grass which leads to your beautiful grass dying. Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond Virginia will blow leaves to a wooded area as requested by client, or to the curb and remove the pile with our state of the art suction equipment to ensure we leave you with a beautiful yard.

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding is a great service to do in the fall or spring to help keep your lawn at the healthiest levels year round. When Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond, VA aerates, we penetrate the soil in your lawn areas and create small holes that allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass better. Overseeding helps encourage new grass growth, but is especially effective after aerating. 

Shrub Pruning

Make sure your shrubs and bushes stay looking neat and clean year round with Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond, Virginia. Not only is pruning essential for maintaining the health of your shrubbery, but a neat and maintained look will enhance the curb appeal of your property year round!

Ornamental Tree Pruning

Do you have a Dogwood, Crape Myrtle, Japanese Maple or other ornamental tree? We can help keep it groomed and healthy with our extensive knowledge on proper pruning methods. Regular pruning optimizes the health and beauty of ornamental trees by removing dead branches, encouraging new growth, and improving air circulation to reduce the chance for pests and other diseases to form. 

Flower Bed Maintenance and Weeding

Whether you need weeds pulled, sticks picked up, or other natural debris in your lawn picked up, Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond, Virginia has your back!

Brush Removal

Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond, Virginia can help get your overgrown areas back under control. From brush cutting, pulling vines off of unneeded surfaces, to cutting back chaotic areas and so much more, we can help!


Landscaping Services

Be the envy of your neighborhood. Call Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond Virginia to help you get the yard of your dreams. A professionally landscaped yard is well worth the investment; a smart investment in landscaping and design can make you money when you go to sell your home or add to your home’s overall value. Plus you get to enjoy your property the way you want too! Either way, it is a win-win!


No matter what color of mulch you like, from dark brown, black, red, and more, mulch makes your lawn and flower beds pop! It also adds a protective barrier to plants’ roots that keeps them warm during the winter and retains water during the summer. Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond Virginia can get your flower beds mulched and give your property the “wow” factor it deserves!

Decorative Rock Installation

From small pea gravel to larger rocks that would require the strength of Hercules to lift, Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond Virginia has you covered! We can replace your current mulch beds with decorative rock and even bring in larger boulders to serve as distinct ornamental features in your lawn or flower beds. We have a variety of options available so give us a call today to set up an estimate! 

Yard Grading

Are bumpy spots in your yard throwing you off your mower or bad dips collecting water? Maybe you just need a new yard. Southern Sun Landscaping, Richmond VA offers finish grading services to help alleviate the bumpy areas on your property and help get you back to enjoying paradise! Once we finish grading be sure to get our lawn seeding or sod installation services.

Sod Installation

Ever been to a magic show? Well when you use Southern Sun Landscaping, Richmond VA’s sod installation services we turn dirt into grass like magic! We provide the entire services you need from prepping your new lawn areas to rolling out your sod so you are left with the paradise you deserve in no time!

New Lawn Seeding

Although not as exciting and quick as our sod installation services, we can install new lawns through prepping your new lawn areas and a series of seedings. We even cover the freshly seeded areas with straw or straw blankets to protect your baby seedlings before they sprout! This is a great service to get new lawn areas installed and quite a bit more affordable than sod. 

Shrub Removal

Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond, VA has the capabilities to dig up and remove unwanted shrubs and other vegetation. Let us do the hard work for you!

Landscape Installations

Want to add another flower bed? How about a few shrubs and flowers? We can help renovate and improve your yard by adding to it! We install shrubs, flowers, trees, new flower beds, landscape edging, fabric, and more! Just ask and we will customize an estimate for your project!

Other Home Services

Junk Removal

Unwanted items? Built up debris? With our interior and exterior junk removal services we can get rid of the headaches for you at your home, yard, or place of business. Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond Virginia will come out, clear the area, and haul it away for you. Save your back and let us do the heavy lifting!

Pressure Washing

Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond Virginia has a great ability to make your home or business stand out with our power washing services. Power washing helps remove mold, dirt, and grime that builds up over time on the sides of the buildings, sidewalks, driveways, sheds. A well-done power wash can not only spruce your home up but help protect it too. Power washing prevents damage caused by mold, mildew, and accumulated dirt, restores curb appeal, and increases your property value. 


Snow Removal and Ice Control

Snow is beautiful, but not when you are stuck in it or slip and fall because of it. Southern Sun Landscaping Richmond Virginia is your full-service snow team. With plows, heavy equipment, snow throwers, and shovels we come prepared to keep your property up and running when the weather hits. We also have the capabilities to apply salt and/or ice melt to melt that ice away and keep your clients and employees as safe as possible. Keeping your company moving is our priority.